On Steady Ground, Part 3

Leah and I were breaking up with Yellowstone Park. In the beginning, the park had welcomed us and offered us sanctuary. At times, it made us dizzy with excitement. Despite all the wonderful things the park had brought into our lives (the scenery, the animals, and the natural oddities), there was little doubt that the…Read more On Steady Ground, Part 3

On Shaky Ground, Part 2

(picture credit: UUSS) Leah and I passed through the construction zone with time to spare, thus avoiding the road closure, and reducing our stress level. It was 7:00 pm, we were tired, and I needed a break from driving since 10:00 am. If we could make it through the next 28 miles without incident, we'd…Read more On Shaky Ground, Part 2

On Shaky Ground, Part 1

via Daily Post: loop I know I've complained about crowd size at National Parks before, but now that summer is upon us, and we've arrived at Yellowstone, it seems as if this park is bursting at the seams. Today, we abandoned our plans to visit the Upper and Lower Falls of Yellowstone's Grand Canyon because of…Read more On Shaky Ground, Part 1

Rocky Road National Park

With so much attention being paid to the over-crowded conditions at National Parks this year, Leah and I were optimistic that Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) would allow us some breathing room—despite a doomsday article recently published by Denver Post that boasted a 21% increase in visitor attendance at RMNP over the same month last…Read more Rocky Road National Park

Drop-Dead Gorge(ous)

After spending eleven days exploring "The Mighty 5", I believe I've inhaled enough red dust to qualify for the first NASA Mars mission. Utah's red dust had infiltrated everything, leaving a veiled matte finish on every surface: inside the Airstream, inside the truck, inside our undies, and inside our lungs. Leah and I were more…Read more Drop-Dead Gorge(ous)

A Park By Any Other Name*

If you could mix Sedona's red rocks, with Painted Desert's colors, and Zion's canyon walls, and Canyonland's monoliths, while also adding Arches' arches... in a geologic blender, then stir in one cup of Fremont River water,   top with orchard fruit,sprinkle in some petroglyphs, and season with Mormon history,you would have a delicious National Park…Read more A Park By Any Other Name*

Keeping an Eye on Zion

The crowds that crammed into Zion National Park over Memorial Day weekend left us frantic and bereft. As our first stop in Utah, we came to Zion to enjoy the trails and distinctive scenery of mountains and water. We planned to hike the Narrows through the Virgin River, and experience the Kolob Arch (the world's second…Read more Keeping an Eye on Zion

Can’t Elope Canyon

Driving past the Desert View entrance of Grand Canyon, we rode with uncertainty to our next destination, watching the last trace of Mount Humphrey's snow cap dip behind the hilltops like a setting sun. We were driving through Page, AZ on our way to experience Utah's quinfecta of National Parks, with a hopeful detour to Antelope Canyon. Two…Read more Can’t Elope Canyon

Freedom’s Just Another Word

For many, the notion of boondocking in an Airstream trailer might be enough to move the oxymoron needle from sublime to ridiculous. There are those whose purist sensibilities are offended simply because my RV has AC, TV, LP and TP.  To them, my mobile home is an affront to Bear Grylls, surviving in the wilderness with only flint, rope,…Read more Freedom’s Just Another Word


If Disney were to design a cave attraction, he couldn't do any better than Carlsbad Cavern, for deep within the Guadalupe Mountains of southeast New Mexico lies an enchanted forest of mysterious-looking limestone formations. The journey begins at the ticket counter, where for the price of admission, a visitor can access the cave from a nearby…Read more Carlsbadland

Hiking Hat Trick—2nd Goal

The ride to Closed Canyon Trail, the only slot canyon in Big Bend Ranch State Park, took us past the park picnic area, revered for its iconic teepee overhangs. The road continued another 7.5 miles up and down multiple grade changes, curling in and around exposed mountain walls, and mimicking the serpentine lines of the Rio…Read more Hiking Hat Trick—2nd Goal

Ouch! and Ahhh!–Part Two

*For those who are reading postaday blogs, please see Part One first to follow the narrative. Sorry for the inconvenience.   Previously on Streaming thru America... (see Ouch! and Ahhh!--Part One, previously published) Neal and Leah were both feeling the effects of the heat--both inside and outside the F-150. Temperatures had climbed to 103º on the…Read more Ouch! and Ahhh!–Part Two

“We’re on the Road to Nowhere”

After spending the day roaming through wide-open spaces at Big Bend National Park, we returned to our relic of an RV park at Stillwell Ranch--just outside the Persimmon Gap Visitor Center--to cool off under a revitalizing blast of AC running inside the Airstream. The glaring sun and punishing heat of the day had taken its…Read more “We’re on the Road to Nowhere”

Here T(w)oday, Guano T(w)omorrow–the Sequel

If you love the smell of ammonia (and who doesn't), then Stuart Bat Cave in Kickapoo Cavern State Park should be on your bucket list. When approaching the entrance, the acrid smell of guano is omnipresent, and for good reason, since Stuart Bat Cave is home to 1 million Mexican free-tailed bats from spring through…Read more Here T(w)oday, Guano T(w)omorrow–the Sequel

Where Have all the Gators Gone? (Long Time Passing…)

Traveling the Gulf coastline across Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana during the past week has brought us closer to Creole and Cajun cuisine, crawfish, casinos and country music, but alas, no crocodilia. Having driven nearly five hundred miles of state and county highways, and cruising endless back roads and bayou causeways, we have yet to see an alligator,…Read more Where Have all the Gators Gone? (Long Time Passing…)

Mad Mad Money

Stepping through the warehouse doors of Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World is like stepping into a "Roger Rabbit" movie, where out-of-towners are dwarfed by larger-than-life "Toons" sculpted from layers upon layers of paper machéd Styrofoam, and painted in comic book colors. With 400,000 square feet of working and storage space on the port side of the Mississippi,…Read more Mad Mad Money