A photo essay…

In honor of the 25th birthday of Mall of America®, here are 25 incredible facts + figures about the nation’s largest retail and entertainment destination (as reported by Mall of America).

  • 1.15 MILES: Walking distance around one level of Mall of America
  • 8 ACRES OF SKYLIGHTS: What allows about 70% of the natural light to enter the Mall
  • 4 OUT OF 10: Visitors to Mall of America who are tourists
  • 9: Yankee Stadiums that can fit inside the Mall
  • 27: Rides and attractions in Nickelodeon Universe®
  • 43: Boeing 747s that could fit inside the Mall
  • 65: How many semi-trucks were needed to transport trees to the theme park to create the outdoor feel of an indoor park
  • 70 DEGREES: Temperature inside Mall of America whether its spring, summer, winter or fall
  • 100+ POUNDS: Amount of food fed daily to animals at SEA LIFE® Minnesota Aquarium — plus 90 extra pounds on the days the sharks are fed
  • 347: Statues of Liberty that could lie inside the Mall
  • 400+: Events held at Mall of America each year
  • 520+: Stores located in Mall of America
  • 8,700+: Weddings that have been performed at Mall of America
  • 11,000: Year-round employees at Mall of America (13,000 during peak periods)
  • 12,750: On-site parking spaces at Mall of America in two ramps
  • 30,000+: Live plants in Nickelodeon Universe® — plus 400 live trees climbing as high as 35 feet tall
  • 32,000+: Tons of trash recycled each year
  • 170,000+: Legos that have been lost in the LEGO® play area
  • 1.3 MILLION-GALLONS: Size of the aquarium at SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium
  • 5.6 MILLION: Square feet of gross building area
  • 40 MILLION: Visitors annually which is more than the combined populations of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa…and Canada
  • 174+ MILLION: Number of rides ridden in the park since opening
  • $650+ MILLION: Cost to build Mall of America
  • NEARLY $2 BILLION: How much Mall of America generates in economic activity annually for the state of Minnesota
  • 0: Sales tax on clothing in Minnesota

amusement park




drone race


towards Nordstroms1towards Macysskylightskylight cloudfashionshoppers



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